The Hurunui District Council provides and manages nine cemeteries throughout the district.

There is also one closed Council cemetery, the former Jed Cemetery at Gore Bay, as well as various private burial sites. The Department of Conservation administers closed cemetery sites at Conway Flat with Church Property Trustees administering Brackenfield, and St. Paul's, Leithfield.

Cemetery Records

You can search the Hurunui District Council Cemeteries Database to find where your family and friends are buried (records as at 1 May 2010).

 (for Plot reference please download the Layout maps from the area below).


Balcairn Leithfield Rd, Balcairn Layout
Culverden Cemetery Rd, Culverden Layout
Glenmark Church Rd, Waipara Layout
Hanmer Springs Jollies Pass Rd, Hanmer Springs Layout
Homeview Parnassus Rd, Cheviot Layout
Horsley Down Lance Rd, Medbury Layout
Rotherham Davison Rd, Rotherham Layout
Waiau Clarence St, Waiau Layout
Waikari Kellocks Rd, Waikari Layout


Schedule of Fees and Charges


Separate interment charges are made within the various cemeteries as a consequence of differing costs associated with the various contractors.
Prices are reviewed each 3-year term when the sexton contracts are let.
Three types of plots may be purchased.

Grave plot

These exist in the older areas and can have surrounds or are concreted over. These are the responsibility of the plot owners’ family.

Lawn plot

Lawn plots are available in most Cemetries, they have a concrete berm laid out for the headstone and will be grassed and mowed for ease of maintenance.  Berms are laid to ensure a consistency of straightness, tidiness and ease of plot identification.

Cremation plot

Cremation plots are available in all Cemeteries.  This allows those with ashes to have a final placement site without having to purchase a full size plot.  Please refer to the Cemeteries Bylaw 2014 for Cemetery rules and regulations.


Plot reservations may be made in advance. A certificate is issued to identify the purchaser, the cemetery, and the plot number.  Please refer to the Fees & Charges schedule, for plot purchase prices and policy on plot refunds.


The cemetery records are kept at Council offices in Amberley, Cheviot and Culverden. 

Old maps, registers and burial warrants are archived within an easy access system. 
Information from these old records has all been entered into the Council Access database programme, it is now certain that all burial information held by Council has been accessed and that records are up to date.

Cemetery records are a matter of public record and are available for inspection.  It is now also common to receive enquiries regarding the whereabouts of past family members by those interested in genealogy.
The creation of the Council Access database programme now means that all enquiries can be met with minimal delay, in often emotional circumstances for the customer.  Total customer satisfaction is now provided by:

Plans detailing plot numbers and a list of interments are available in the shelter kiosks at the Balcairn, Glenmark, Hanmer Springs and Homeview Cemeteries.


It is the Council's intention to also provide shelter kiosks and information boards in the remaining five cemeteries.