Land Information Memorandum (LIM)

What is a Land Information Memorandum?

A LIM is a report prepared by the Council at your request. It provides a copy of all known information relating to the specified property including rates, Building Consents, Resource Consents, and any potential soil contamination.

When should I obtain a LIM?

If you are considering purchasing a property in the Hurunui District, it is recommended that you obtain a LIM before finalising the purchase.

How long will the LIM take to be processed?

A LIM is required to be processed within 10 working days.

What will it cost?

Residential / Rural - $190.00 incl GST

Commercial / Industrial / Factory Farm - $235.00 incl GST

An invoice will be sent with the completed LIM.  When making payment, please use either the invoice number or your customer number, and use as a reference LIM followed by the address of the property, eg, LIM 66 Carters Road, so that the HDC can correctly apply your payment. 

The HDC bank account number is: 03-0802-0946666-00.

Fees and charges Page 33

How do I apply for a LIM?

Applying for a LIM is easy,

Applications can be made online or complete an Application Form and send to us at: 

or post to:

Hurunui District Council
PO Box 13
Amberley 7410

When completing your application please provide all the information requested.

You can check the valuation number or property description here - Rates and Property check