Application documents

Due to file sizes only the main documents are downloadable. However, the full application is available on CD by request.

Application and AEE
Appendix A Site Location Map
Appendix B Site Layout Plan
Appendix C Electricity Related Benefits
Appendix D Construction Effects and Management
Appendix E Geomorphic Environment Effects
Appendix F Landscape and Visual Effects
Appendix G Ecological Values
Appendix H Avifaunal Effects
Appendix I Nesting NZ Falcon Survey
Appendix J Transportation Assessment
Appendix K Acoustics Assessment
Appendix L Archaeological Assessment
Appendix M Recreation and Tourism Effects
Appendix N Compatibility with Radio Services
Appendix O Instrument Flight Procedures
Appendix P Public Health Effects
Appendix Q Certificates of Title
Appendix R Turbine Grid References
Appendix S Glossary