DogSafe programme

On Wednesday 23rd November 2016 the Hurunui District Council Animal Management team joined with a DogSmart Educational Officer from Christchurch City Council Animal Management team to deliver the DogSmart School Programme to students from Years 1 - 6 at the Cheviot Area School. 

Children learned: 

Christchurch City Council developed this programme for the promotion of safety around dogs, and in particular, children around dogs.

A licensed agreement has been reached between Christchurch City Council and the New Zealand Institute of Animal Management (NZIAM) which allows animal control officers throughout New Zealand, who are signed-up members of the NZIAM, to use the DogSmart Educational Programme as a presentation tool in local schools or other seminar situations. It is important their details remain on all related slides and logos.

The New Zealand Institute of Animal Management has endorsed the programme and aims to have an officer visit every school in New Zealand to educate students about dog safety.

Being a signed up member of the NZIAM, it would like to offer schools within the District the opportunity to take part in this presentation, they are 45 minutes long and I'd like to make them available throughout the year.

Bookings to be made online through the Hurunui District Council website and replies forwarded to Jo Retallick, Kelly Marchant and myself. I'll try and source electronic copies of the DogSmart logo.  

Please can it include the following detail and anything else you think I’ve missed.

Book a DogSafe presentation