Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) rules require drone operators to get the permission of all landowners whose properties they will fly over. This includes permission of the council when flying over council owned land. Council recently adopted a policy for drone operation over council reserves.

You can fly drones over council controlled reserves subject to compliance with Civil Aviation Rule Part 101 and the policy conditions.

 Before you fly...

Remember it is your responsibility to fly safely. You are a pilotBe courteous to other reserve users and adjoining property owners.

Conditions of permitted operations

Operate within CAA Part 101 Rules.

Drones shall NOT be operated:

Drones shall be operated in a manner that complies with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner's guidance on preserving people's privacy by not flying over people or adjoining private property without their consent.

Planning to fly over council land not covered by the policy? Or outside the above conditions?

You need to apply for permission. The council will assess applications on a case-by-case basis. The application form can be found here.

Permission to fly over and/or within a 10m radius of the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pool Reserve is through the Pool Manager. 

Complaints about drone operators

The Hurunui District Council does not set, monitor or enforce the CAA rules. If there is an imminent risk to public safety or property, contact the Police. Otherwise contact the CAA by email isi@caa.govt.nz or phone 0508 4SAFETY (0508 472 3389).