Fire Permit

Open air fires can easily get out of control and are potentially very dangerous.

They can put people's lives, buildings, homes, livestock and crops at risk, if they are not carried out carefully and responsibly.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand North Canterbury Principal Rural Fire Officer is responsible for ensuring any such danger is minimised. 

We do this by requiring you to apply for a Fire Permit when there is a high danger risk and providing advice on how to carry out a safer burn in these conditions.

A Fire Permit is a legal document authorising a person to light a fire, under the conditions set out in that Permit. It does not remove your responsibility to conduct a safe burn.

Anyone wanting to burn outside in the open air during a "Restricted Fire Season" or a "Prohibited Fire Season" must have one.

About your Fire Permit

Click here to find out who to contact for a Fire Permit. (note: this site will not become active until 1 July 2017) 

The Hurunui Fire and Emergency New Zealand Principal Rural Fire Officer covers all of the Hurunui District except for;

Fires spread quickly, act fast if anything goes wrong.
Call the NZ Fire Service on the '111' emergency number immediately

For more information please contact the Council on ph: 03 314 8816.