The Council has a Gambling Policy which can be found here. The objectives of the policy are: 

Where Class 4 Gambling or TAB Venues May Be Established

Class 4 gambling and TAB venues may be established in the District subject to meeting application and fee requirements. However the primary activity of any Class 4 gambling venue shall be either a stand alone TAB site, a licensed club premises or a licensed premises where it sells liquor either separately or with food but excluding wineries.

Numbers of Electronic Gaming Machines to be Allowed


Applications for consent to the Hurunui District Council must be made on the approved form and must provide:

Application Fees

These will be set by the Hurunui District Council from time to time and shall include consideration of:

The fee will be reviewed on an annual basis but may be carried out at more regular intervals if the Council considers this necessary. The current fee can be found in the Fees & Charges Schedule. This fee is prescribed pursuant to section 150 (1)(b) and section 150 (3) (b) of the Local Government Act 2002.

Administration/Decision Making

Monitoring and Review

The Council will monitor the social and economic impact of gambling on the District’s community during the life of the policy. The Council may amend this policy as a result of the findings of any economic and social impact of gaming on the community. If the Council amends or replaces this policy it shall do so in accordance with the special consultative procedure of the Local Government Act 2002. The Council will carry out a review of this policy at a minimum of every three years in accordance with the Gambling Act 2003.