Where does Recycling from Hurunui go?

Glass and scrap metal is backloaded to Christchurch in empty trucks returning from Kate Valley to Christchurch.  The glass is crushed for use in roading and the metal recycled locally.

Cardboard, paper, plastic bottles and containers, food and drink cans are sorted at EcoSort in Christchurch.  Information regarding where the recycling from EcoSort is sent is available on their website via www.ecocentral.co.nz/services/ecosort/ecosort-products

Recycling Damaged, Expired and Unwanted Car Seats.

Council is working with SeatSmart to divert unwanted child car seats from landfill.  Car seats can be recycled at all transfer stations, during opening hours for a fee of $5 per seat.  Through the scheme, all brands (except polystyrene seats) are accepted.  Remember to let the staff know you have a car seat. 

Hurunui Council has agreed to subsidise the cost of recycling car seats for Hurunui residents only.  For residents, the charge is $5 per seat, but it will be necessary to provide proof of address at the time of drop off.

For non-Hurunui residents, the charge is $20 per car seat to cover the full cost of transportation, dismantling and recycling.

94% of the seat (by weight) is recycled, as shown below.

For further details, visit www.seatsmart.co.nz or call Council on 03 314 8816 or ask at the transfer stations.

Agricultural Recycling - Agrecovery.

There are drop-offs at Cheviot, Culverden and Waiau transfer stations for polyethylene (HDPE) plastic agrichemical containers.  This includes those which contained pesticides, veterinary medicines and agricultural chemicals.  To be accepted, containers must be as follows.

Culverden, Cheviot and Waiau transfer stations are not drop off points for silage wrap.  For further information on recycling silage wrap or to arrange a collection, call Plasback on 0508 338 240.

Agricultural Recycling - Plasback.

As Hurunui Council is keen to prevent farm plastics being burnt or buried, it supports Plasback a plastics recycling scheme, through which contractors provide farmers with a collection service for the following

In Hurunui collections are undertaken by McCarthy Contracting, who can be contacted via Facebook or on 03 329 6665

Plasback bins and bags are available from rural merchants in Hurunui.

Contact Plasback for further information.

Bokashi Composting - Discounted Offer.

Food waste is a considerable proportion of the waste stream, so the Council is encouraging food waste recycling by selling bokashi composting kits for a discounted rate

Bokashi allows food waste to be recycled into a nutrient rich compost in less than half the time of normal composting.

Made from Effective Microorganisms (EM), molasses and plant based materials, such as sawdust, rice bran or wheat bran, bokashi is a natural product and using a special airtight container, it can be added to the following.

Bokashi composting kits and Compost-Zing are available to buy at  Amberley transfer station and the council offices. They can also be ordered via Cheviot, Hanmer Springs and Amuri libraries for collection within a couple of days.  

Bokashi Composting Kits and Compost-Zing.

Discounted Price.

10 litre system - starter kit (bucket set and one bag of Compost-Zing).


15 litre system - starter kit (bucket set and one bag of Compost-Zing).


Compost-Zing per 1kg bag.


Pet Waste Composting - Discounted Offer.

Animal waste should NOT be placed in refuse bags, so the Council is encouraging the use of Ensopet, an innovative in ground composting system, designed for composting pet waste hygienically. EnsoPet composts all pet waste from dogs, cats, rabbits and even guinea pigs!

A Composting Kit includes a composter, a bag of EnsoPet Starter, tongs and instructions.

Once installed, pet waste can be put in the composter and EnsoPet Starter sprinkled on top. The micro-organisms ensure a rapid breakdown and due to this continuous cycle of composting, your composted may never fill. If your composter fills, move it to another location.

Pet waste composting kits and bags of Ensopet Starter are available to buy at a discounted rate at Amberley transfer station and Council's Amberley offices. They can also be ordered at Cheviot, Hanmer Springs and Amuri libraries, for collection in a couple of days

Pet Waste Composting Kits and Starter Mix.

Discounted Price.

Ensopet Waste Composter Kit - includes 1 x 1.2kg bag of Ensopet Starter mix.


Per bag of EnsoPet Starter mix (1.2kg).


Amberley Lions - Recycling for KanTabs

Hurunui Council is supporting Amberley Lions by accepting aluminium wine bottle lids for recycling.  These are passed onto the Lions for recycling, the income from which is being donated to KanTabs (part of the Kidney Kids Foundation).

Lids can de dropped off to the weighbridge office at Amberley transfer station or the Hanmer Springs transfer station during opening hours.  Thank you for supporting this great cause.

Events Recycling.

The Council has event recycling bins, which can be hired, to help maximise recycling and minimise waste.  

Event organisers are encouraged to consider early on how to minimise waste e.g. by providing monitored recycling binsFor guidance on implementing recycling systems at events, the Council has produced a Guide to Reducing Event Waste.

Love Food Hate Waste NZ.

New Zealand families waste about $560 each year on food, this adds up to $872 million and equates to 122,000 tonnes of edible food going to landfill

The council is participating in the Love Food Hate Waste NZ campaign, which aims to encourage  people to waste less food.   For practical tips and suggestions, whilst saving money too, visit www.lovefoodhatewaste.co.nz 

Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (2012) revised 2014.

Council's Waste Management and Minimisation Plan was adopted in May 2012. It provides objectives, policies and targets to enable the provision of effective, efficient, safe and cost effective waste management and minimisation services

The Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (2012) is available via Waste Management and Minimisation Plan 2012

Kate Valley Landfill.

For further information regarding Kate Valley Landfill, please contact Canterbury Waste Services on 03 359 1800 or click Kate Valley Landfill.