Schools and Community Recycling and Waste Minimisation Education Programme

Hurunui Council funds a programme to work with Hurunui schools, pre-schools, community groups and organisations to provide a recycling and waste minimisation education / awareness raising programme.

As part of this programme exciting things are happening including the production of a new waste and recycling resource pack , which will be delivered to schools shortly and the approval by Council to develop an education centre; work to establish this is underway for an opening in 2017 and this will be used to help spread the reduce, re-use and recycling message further.

The programme focuses on waste minimisation and recycling and is specific to Hurunui.  Through the programme, school pupils, teachers, staff and communities can learn how to:

Local information is provided including what to place into the recycling bag, the services available at Hurunui's transfer stations and the additional waste management and recycling programmes available. 

An Educator is available to visit and provide:

For further details on the recycling and waste minimisation education programme, contact Sally Cracknell at Hurunui Council on 03 314 8816 or 027 240 1107 or Lesley Ottey at Eco Educate on 027 333 1344 or by email on