Our role is to balance competing demands for space, from all-day parking, to loading zones and mobility spaces. So, we need rules to make sure everyone using roads and wanting to park is:

• Easily able to find a place to park

• Fair and considerate to everyone who wants to park

• Able to park safely.


I need to pay a parking ticket


Rules About Parking

Without parking and road rules our streets would be chaotic, as people parked all day wherever they wanted. Rules and fines are tools used to help moderate motorist's behaviour and reduce traffic congestion.

The rules for road use and parking are mostly made at a national level, with some specific rules made for local conditions.

The local rules can be found in the Council Bylaws.

If you break the rules you will be issued with an infringement and fined.

The amount for fines is set at a national level.

Hurunui District Council’s Parking Officers are legally warranted to provide enforcement services for the rules which apply throughout the district.

Where can I find the rules?

Parking and road rules can be found in the following legislation:

As a quick reference, these are just some of the places you must not park, stop your vehicle, set down or pick up passengers.

Parking spaces are well signposted. However, if you are unsure about whether to park in an area, or how long you will need the space for, it may be best to find another place to park.

How to read a road or parking sign is clearly explained in the official New Zealand Road Code.