Infringements and Fines

I need to pay a parking ticket.

Check that:

  1. The parking ticket was issued by the Hurunui District Council. HDC cannot accept payment for other council-issued tickets.
  2. You have not received a reminder notice
  3. If you have received a reminder notice, that it is within the 28 day period of having received the notice.

If you have exceeded the 28 period of the reminder notice, you will need to contact the Ministry of Justice stating the Court Reference number you will have received on a letter from them.

Be sure to have the court reference number handy when you call.  

Payment Method

Direct credit or via internet banking to the Council's Bank Account

By Mail

Post cheque or money order (do not send cash) with the payment slip payable to :

Parking Infringements
Hurunui District Council
PO Box 13
Amberley 7410

In Person:

Present your parking infringement notice between 8.30am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) at:

Hurunui District Council
Amberley Office
66 Carters Road

or at the Hanmer Springs Service Centre / Library

12pm and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday
10.30am and 2.00pm Saturday & Sunday (excluding public holidays)

Hanmer Springs Service Centre/Library
Cheltenham & Amuri Ave
Hanmer Springs  

Please note: Council cannot accept Foreign Cheques. Please ensure payment is made in NZ currency prior to leaving the country.

What happens to unpaid infringement notices?

The fine must be paid within 28 days from the date of issue of the ticket.

If the fine is not paid by the due date, we will send you a reminder notice.

If you need an extension for payment you must make this request in writing. Contact us for information on how best to do this.

If the fine is still not paid (unless time extension arrangements are in place) the ticket is lodged with the Ministry of Justice to be actioned no less than 60 days from issue of the ticket.

Lodgement fees are added to the original amount of the ticket.

If the fine has been lodged with the Ministry of Justice, you need to contact the District Court Office by phone and quote the Court Reference number.

What if I'm unable to pay?

The cost of the fine is set by legislation, not Council. When a ticket is issued, you have 28 days in which to pay. Council has no jurisdiction to accept part payments, but extensions of time can be granted.

You can either:

What if the ticket is sent to me in error?

If any details on the ticket are incorrect, you will need to contact us. If the postal address and names are incorrect, you will need to contact the Transport Registry Office on 0800 108 809 to change the address and names in their system.

If you are not the offender, you need to contact us to have the matter transferred from your name to the offenders.

I've paid, but still received a reminder notice

Please contact us and supply evidence of payment.

How can I request a review of my parking ticket?

Every person has the right to have a parking infringement reviewed by Council, but it will only be revoked if the circumstances fit the waiver criteria. Council is unable to review a ticket if it has been lodged at Court.

You can request a review of your parking ticket if:

If so, please review the waiver criteria below. If you believe your circumstances fit one or more of these, complete and submit the Parking Infringement Waiver Request form.

Waiver criteria

Reason Evidence Required
Incorrect vehicle registration number on ticket   Parking Ticket
Doubt about time – no distinction between am and pm, no use of 24hr clock Parking Ticket
Omissions of essential information on ticket Parking Ticket
Wrong vehicle description (model/make) Parking Ticket
Poorly written ticket – difficult or impossible to read Parking Ticket
Vehicle breakdown or keys locked in vehicle Mechanic’s report
Medical emergency Doctors certificate or report
If parked in disabled parking space and no permit displayed but does have current permit Copy of current permit

Parking warden complaints

Please contact us in writing, outlining the nature of your complaint, and we will investigate the matter.