Wasp Control in Hanmer Springs

Found a Wasp Nest?

Please call the Council on toll free 315 8400 with your name and contact details and as much detail as possible as to the location of the nest.  We will send this information through to our Maintenance Team and ask them to destroy the nest.

If you find a wasp nest on your property you will need to get it destroyed at your own cost.  You can find a contractor to do this for you in the Yellow Pages or the Pinkie.  

The Hanmer Springs Community Board made a resolution at its 30 February 2017 meeting that all wasp nests on private property will be the responsibility of the property owner to destroy.

Reducing Wasp Numbers on Council Property

The Councils Maintenance Team use wasp traps around October to catch Queen Wasps during the time when they are looking for new nest sites.  A bait called Vespex is used in February and March and in areas that contain willow trees, nests are hunted out and killed with a Itelic poison as there is an Giant Willow Aphid that the wasps prefer over Vespex.  We consider this three pronged approach helps considerably to reduce wasp numbers in public spaces.

Reducing Wasp Numbers on Private Property

You can purchase wasp traps and bait from your local hardware or farm store.