Rates Easypay

EasyPay is the Councils' preferred payment option. With this option you are granting limited authority to the Council to debit your bank account on the due dates.easypay

Payment options:

If the due date falls on a non-business day, the payment will be made on the evening of the next business day.

How to join Rates EasyPay

Complete a Rates EasyPay form:

When you join the Rates Easypay system you will receive a letter confirming your bank account details, commencement date and frequency of your payments.

Your rates instalment notice will inform you of the amounts and due dates for the payment of rates.

On direct debit payment days, the money you owe will be automatically paid out of your bank account. All transactions will show up on your regular bank account statement. The Council will amend the amounts debited from your account each year without further action on your part. You will be notified of all changes in advance.

Hurunui District Council bank account number is Westpac 03-0802-0946666-00. 

To make changes to your direct debit

A direct debit can be altered by emailing rates@hurunui.govt.nz or if you wish to discuss options please contact Denise on 03 3140018

The most common reasons are: