Rates Rebates

Did you know that you may be eligible for assistance with your rates as part of the Government's Rate Rebate scheme to provide assistance towards rates for Superannuatants and lower income property owners? 

The amount of rebate depends on a combined income of all property owners, the amount of rates charged, and may include the number of dependants you have. This is not means tested or based on your current savings balance, only on income.

How much..

The maximum rebate for the 2016/17rating year is $610.00

Where it comes from..

This pool of money comes from the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) and is funded from taxes.

Am I eligible?

To find out whether you are eligible, check out the DIA's example tables or electronic calculator.

How often do I need to apply..

While applications are initially gathered and applied to your rates account by our council staff, all applications are processed fully by the Department of Internal Afairs (DIA).

Once we have received all of your paperwork, this is then forwarded to the DIA, no information is kept on file by us from year to year. The Rebate must be applied for, fresh each year.

When and how to apply..

The rating year for this rebate runs from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017.

You will need to make an appointment with the Rates Officer at the Amberley council offices. Please call

314-8816  to arrange a time.