Activities/Working within the Road Reserve

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Working within the road corridor

The road corridor is any urban street or rural road (including Paper Roads), from boundary to boundary, encompassing road and footpath formation and berm.

Obtaining Service Plans 


To obtain service plans in the Council's road reserve, contact beforeUdig. The beforeUdig service helps contractors to determine the location of any underground services before excavating.

For service plans on private property, and lateral locations for work on private property that will not extend into any part of the road reserve, contact Customer Services.

Email:  Phone:

Corridor Access Request (CAR) 

Corridor Access Requests (CAR) are required by anyone that wishes to dig in any street, footpath, road berm or paper road administered by HDC. A CAR ensures that Council is informed of any proposed work within the road corridor. 

You will need to apply for a CAR via the beforeUdig process above. 

A Corridor Access Request (CAR) is required for, but not limited to, the following activities:

A CAR must be submitted to Council at least:

For special local conditions refer to  Local Conditions

Traffic Management Plan

To ensure our roads are safe at all times, any activity or work on the road requires that a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) be submitted and approved by the Council.

If you wish to run an event on the road or carry out any other activity that may cause a disruption to the normal use of the road, you will need to develop a Traffic Management Plan and get that approved by the Council. The Traffic Management Plans can only be completed by a current and qualified Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS):


A TMP must be submitted to Council at least:

If you are working under a generic TMP, you will have to advise Council 5 days before you work on the road and which of the approved TMP plans / diagrams you will be working under.

All TMP's have to comply with the Code of practice for temporary traffic management (CoPTTM)

Licence to occupy Road Reserve 

The Road Reserve, is defined as " The area from the property boundary on one side of the road to the property boundary on the other side of the road". This includes the berm (grass verge), footpath and carriageway (Road). At no time is it permitted to use this area for storage. To occupy a road reserve you need to apply for a licence, there are specific requirements that need to be met to ensure the continued safety for all road users. Some activities may be permitted and must be licensed by The Council:

Our road reserves (roadside verges) are not property owners storage areas...

Did you know that it is illegal to store baleage on the verge next to the road?

Storage of baleage on road reserve is a significant safety hazard – it restricts clear vision and obstructs pedestrians from walking safely off the road, cyclists and riders are unable to move to the side and this causes further risk to passing vehicles as they move out into oncoming traffic to go around them. Tractors moving the hay rip up the roads – particularly the soft edges in winter, causing considerable damage as well as creating yet another hazard for vehicles using the road. If you are ‘guilty’ of this activity please remove it immediately. Council officers are aware of a few sites in our district where this is currently a problem and are getting in touch with those responsible; if you are aware of any sites where our road verges are being used to store baleage or for any other activity that may be dangerous to motorists please contact us.

Temporary Road Closures 

Before approval to close a road for any activity, written requests are put before Council and must be publicly advertised for objections. The request must be with Council 50 days before the event to allow time to carryout the requirements of the Transport Regulations 1965.

Please note - All advertising costs associated with road closures will be met by the applicant and no liability on Council for any of the cost involved with temporary road closure operations.

Temporary Road Closure Application Form

Permanent Road Closures 

Any proposed closure will  be evaluated in respect of the public access network requirement contained within the Strategic Plan and submitted to Council for determination.
Should the unformed road be not required for public access then the following should apply: 

Form - Application to Stop Road