Other Works

There are 101,903 square metres of formal footpath, 81 kilometres of kerb and channel, 881 streetlights, 25,871 traffic signs, and 46 kilometres of culvert pipe in the district.
So that, as well as caring for our roads, we are also involved in:

Routine drainage maintenance 

A good maintenance strategy begins and ends with a good drainage maintenance strategy.

Structures maintenance  

This includes maintaining the structural integrity and appearance of all bridges and retaining walls as well as the maintenance of tunnels, stock underpasses, vehicular ferries, cattle stops and bridge waterways (fords) when the bridge is directly affected.
The sort of work this involves is:

Environmental maintenance 

This work category provides for the routine care and attention of the road corridor to maintain safety, aesthetic and environmental standards.

Operational traffic management 

This work category provides for the operation, maintenance and power costs of traffic signals and other traffic management equipment and facilities.

Emergency reinstatement 

This work category provides for unforeseen significant expenditure that arises from a defined, major, short direction natural event. It allows for the restoration of roads and road structures to a standard no better that that which existed before any damage occurred.

Includes for all damage repairs, but excludes for:

Network and asset management 

This category provides for the general management and control of the road network and management of road assets.