Road Conditions within the Hurunui District

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Acheron Bridge - Access to the Molesworth Station from Hanmer Springs  -for an update please refer to the doc website -

Planned temporary road closures:


Hurunui District Council: Bridge Repairs, Balmoral Station Road
Road Closure 29 January – 9th February 2018

Sicon Ltd will be carrying out repairs to Bridges A5 (Dry Creek) and A6 (Davidsons), Balmoral Station Rd.  Of the two bridges we will be starting with A5 which is the one closest to SH7.

Repairs to the two bridges will mean traffic is diverted along Tekoa and Shortcut Roads (pictured below).

The A6 Bridge will be closed to heavy vehicles. However, for smaller 4WD vehicles, a soft ford beside the site will be available so these vehicles can then continue to divert down (pictured below).

Balmoral Station Road Bridge repairs


Overhanging vegetation:

All footpaths in the district have been inspected for overhanging vegetation, letters have been sent to property owners that have been identified as having vegetation requiring cut back. 

if you wish to discuss this program please contact the office during working hours 033148816 or email: 

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