Road signs are there for a reason

They are there to warn you of hazards ahead,

Because it takes several days for chip to settle, driving too fast can not only throw up chips which could damage your vehicle, it can also ruin the new surface and lead to expensive ratepayer funded repairs.

Ultimately road signs signal that it is not safe to travel any faster than the regulatory speed limit.

To do so endangers not only your own life, but also the lives of others, including road workers.

Even if you can’t see any sign of construction, if  you see orange and black, then hold back.

See Orange and Black? – Then hold back!

Temporary advance warning signs are usually diamond shaped and coloured orange and black. Don’t ignore them.They are there for your safety.

You need to be on the lookout and react accordingly if you see these signs.

General Road Works

It signals road works ahead, road marking, wet tar, new seal, skid testing, grader, surveying, shoulder closed, mower, delays possible


It signals new road marking, new road layout, signals changed, fire, flooding, blasting, accident, cyclists, runners, tree felling, logging trucks, linemen

New seal/seal road repair

Driving too fast can not only throw up chips which could damage yours’ and other vehicles, it can also ruin the new surface  leading to expensive, ratepayer funded repairs.

Where you see these Temporary Speed Restrictions you should expect

Stop/Go Men

Road repair crews sometime use temporary traffic signals or hand held stop/go signs to stop traffic during road works.

Take special care and follow any instructions you are given

Crashes happen when drivers ignore warning signs and temporary speed limits.

Please don’t take these warnings lightly.

You could be fined

Construction sites are regularly monitored by Police and if you are caught speeding through them you could be fined.

Road repair crews are also instructed to take down the licence details of anyone driving in a careless or dangerous manner. This information is then passed on to the authorities.

Normal speeding fines and demerit points apply for exceeding temporarily posted speed limits on work sites 

An immediate 28 day licence suspension applies if you are exceeding the speed limit by 50 kph or more. Repeat offenders may have their vehicle impounded.

Failing to heed the signs could not only be costly ignoring temporary road signs can be fatal!

Allways drive to the conditions - it is only for a short distance but could save lives.