Upcoming Road Repairs in advance of Road Resealing – Hanmer Springs area

Sept/Oct 2017

You may have noticed some white marks appearing on the road outside your property.  The Hurunui District Council and our contractors are busy marking up road repairs to be completed in advance of the new seal to be applied this summer.

Once these sites have been assessed, the work will start from mid-September and there may be up to three different crews in the area to carry out the various stages of work required.  You may experience some noise and large machinery temporarily in front of your access way, but we will try to keep any inconvenience to a minimum.

If your driveway is sealed, it will be repaired and re-sealed back to the boundary as part of the council’s work.  If your access way is not currently sealed, the council will pay to prepare and seal a 1m wide strip as a safety measure, to reduce the amount of material being dragged onto the road from your access.

Since 2008, the council has required all new properties built to have their private access ways sealed between the road and the boundary at the property owner’s cost. If your property does not have a sealed access way, there is the opportunity for these to be prepared and sealed while the council has the appropriate people, equipment and material in the area (at the property owner’s cost). 

Please contact us on 03 314 8816 or email info@hurunui.govt.nz, if you would like to discuss this option. 

Find out which roads are being resealed (interactive map)