District weed spraying

Spraying programme:

Township spraying areas:

 District wide:

Rural roadside spraying 2018-19 :

The annual roadside spraying of rural road verges are underway. This year the spray will be marked with a red dye to show sprayed areas. This dye will disappear after a few days. 

Council sprays the following:

This work ensures that water gets away quickly, culverts are easier to find and maintain and that road signs are visible, keeping all road users safer.

Opting out of the spraying program:

Property owners can assume personal responsibility for this work by application.

Once you are have agreed to maintain your own property frontage we will inspect to ensure all noxious weeds have been removed. 

To have your name and details added to the 'No Spray' List, please use the online application form.

Please ring 033148816 if you wish to discuss this with our team

Further information is available via the Environment Canterbury Web site.

ECAN  - noxious weed management