Stormwater and Drainage

Council is committed to manage the rated stormwater and drainage systems through the district so as to protect public health and ensure the public’s safety; and to continuously improve the natural water quality. In achieving these outcomes, we need to be permanently vigilant that we use rate-payers money wisely.

Council provides a public drainage network which collects stormwater from each property along the way, as well as all the water that runs off the roads and footpaths. This public drainage network is owned and maintained by Council.

When rain falls onto lawns, gardens, roofs, driveways and other hard standing areas within a private property, it is collected and drained through private drainage systems, which are owned by the private property owner, before discharging into the public drainage network. 

Any stormwater problems within a property boundary are the responsibility of the property owner. See Stormwater and your Home for more information.

Amberley Global Discharge Consent

For a copy of the Amberley Global Discharge Consent Decision click here