Hawarden/Waikari Water Chlorination

Sunday 9 October

The first three water test results have shown the supply to be free of E.coli, however the Canterbury District Healthboard (CDHB) have asked us to carry out three further tests as an additional measure to make sure that the risk has been mitigated. The last of these tests will be taken today, Sunday 9 October, and the results should be available on Tuesday 11 October.

The chlorine is currently being dosed at the minimum level.

It is unlikely that turbidity was the cause. After extensive testing, the cause remains unknown.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Tuesday 4 October

Properties on the Hawarden/ Waikari Water Supply scheme will be experiencing chlorine in their water. Routine testing found an E.coli level of ONE in the water so as a precautionary measure chlorine has been added to assist the treatment system with removing any harmful bacteria. Due to the addition of chlorine, it is not necessary to boil you water before consumption.

Chlorine dosing will continue until 3 clear results are received.

The likely cause of the E.coli is the high river turbidity levels.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.