Compliments / Feedback / Complaints

Do you have a compliment, some feedback or a complaint?

At the Hurunui District Council, customer service is our priority; we are committed to putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. Getting your feedback is essential to this and so we welcome all compliments, feedback and complaints as an opportunity to grow our service to you - our customers.

If you need some information, if you want to tell us where we have provided some good service, or if we have let you down in some way, please get in touch and tell us what has happened and how you think we could improve.

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 What can you do when things go wrong?

We are committed to quickly sorting any unsatisfactory service, and preventing similar problems from reoccurring.

When we receive your complaint, we will get back to you within three working days and give you the name of the person who your complaint has been referred to.

Once your complaint has been investigated we will get back in contact to let you know the outcome.

If, despite our best efforts, you remain unhappy with our service, you can make a formal complaint so that we can escalate the issue to the appropriate service manager.

If you have done this and you feel that your complaint has still not been resolved, please put it in writing and address it to the Chief Executive Officer who will personally arrange for the appropriate manager to deal with it, and respond to you.

Our Commitment to you is: