Council Meeting 26 October 2017

5.1  Long Term Plan Review – Community Outcomes

The council is currently formulating its 2018-2028 Long Term Plan. It is a mandatory requirement for the council to state the community outcomes it considers are relevant to the district in this plan.

The council confirmed the community outcomes for the 2018-28 long term plan as follows (subject to the inclusion of two amendments agreed in the meeting):

5.2  Council Properties - Potential Sale

The potential to sell council properties at 116 Rotherham Road, Waiau and at 65 Wilkin Street, Rotherham was discussed. After discussion the council decided that that it would be appropriate for a net cost/benefit calculation for available options be produced for the property at 116 Rotherham Road. In regard to the property at 65 Wilkin Street, the council has sought clarification of the relationship with respect to the community trailer stored on the site before any decision was made about its future.

It was also agreed that further action regarding both properties be delayed until after consultation with the Amuri Community Committee.

5.3  Funding Application for Former Amuri Council Chambers

The Former Amuri County Chamber building is identified as a heritage building and requires repairs as a result of earthquake damage the property has sustained. Lottery Environment and Heritage makes grants available for projects to restore, conserve and/or protect heritage buildings.

The council agreed that a funding application should be made to the most fund, for a feasibility study to be prepared with respect to the earthquake strengthening and repair of the Amuri county chambers; and for the strengthening and repair work itself if applicable.

5.4  Funding Application for Kowai Council Chambers

The Kowai Council Chamber building located at is listed as a Category II Historic Site under the Historic Places Act 1993. The building received some damage from the Canterbury earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. The Amberley Ward Committee agreed that funding should be sought to prepare a feasibility study which would consider all the options for dealing with the Kowai Council Chamber building.

The council adopted the recommendation of the Amberley Ward Committee that a funding application be made for a Lottery environment and heritage grant, to be put towards the cost of a feasibility study to be prepared with respect to the Kowai Council Chambers.

5.5  Formation of Anderson Road – Amberley Business Park

The Amberley Township Indicative Roading Plan which includes a through road linking Courage Rd to Pound Street, (Salesyard Drive) with an additional link to Carters Road (Anderson Road). Subdivision approval was granted to the Council for a 5 lot subdivision and ‘Anderson Road’ which provides the link to Carters Road.

The council approved the proposal of the formation of Anderson Road, the commissioning of detailed design and construction plans for Anderson road and the servicing requirements of the subdivision consent. It also approved an open tender process be used for the construction of the road and services.

5.6  Reappointment of Independent Member – Hurunui Tourism Board

The Hurunui District Council is required to appoint an independent member within the Hurunui Tourism Board’s membership structure. Current chair of the Hurunui Tourism Board, Janice Fredric, has now exceeded her three year term which expired January 2017.

The council agreed to reappoint Janice Fredric to the role of independent board member, Hurunui Tourism Board, for another three years.

5.7  Proposal to Develop a Regional Relationship with Nagano Prefecture, Japan

The Canterbury Mayoral Forum has proposed that a region to region relationship be developed between Canterbury and Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

The council endorsed the Canterbury Mayoral Forum Regional Relationship proposal.

5.8  Council and Committee Meeting Schedule 2018

The council has traditionally adopted an annual meetings schedule towards the end of each year, for the coming year. A proposed 2018 meeting schedule was presented to the council.

That the council adopted the proposed schedule of meetings for 2018.

5.9  Remuneration Authority Correspondence

The Remuneration Authority has sought feedback from local government bodies on proposed changes to the Elected Members’ Remuneration structure for both the 2017/2018 year and in respect to longer term issues.

The council agreed to provide feedback to the remuneration authority on the aspects set out in their correspondence. It also confirmed that the Manager Support Services was to put the council’s feedback as discussed in the meeting into a draft document and circulate it to councillors for review prior to submitting to the Remuneration Authority.

5.10  NZTA National Land Transport Programme Budget 2017/18

The council’s 2017/2018 roading budget was based on an indicative co-investment prediction from the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA). The NZTA has now released the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) budget and the council’s roading budget must now be aligned to this.

The council agreed to formally accept the NZTA’s NLTP funding programme for 2017/18 and increase the current long term plan budget by an additional $881,876 ($432,119 local share) to match fund from the NZTA NLTP programme of works for local roads only.