Council Meeting 28 September 2017

5.1  Code of Conduct – Amended Legislation Appendix

The council has a code of conduct for its members which is to be reviewed every three years. At its meeting on 24 August 2017, the Council reviewed and approved its Code of Conduct but noted that the legislation appendix required updating. The amended legislation appendix was presented to the council.

The council approved the recommended amendments to its code of conduct.

5.2  Projects to be Carried Forward to the 2017/18 Year

With the completion of the 2016/2017 financial year, council staff have had an opportunity to assess the final cost for particular items of capital and operational expenditure. Due to various reasons, some projects were not able to be completed before the end of the financial year and a list of these that are required to be carried forward was presented to the council for approval.

The council approved the list of projects to be carried forward to the 2017/18 financial year for completion.

5.3  Statement of Proposal for Proposed Freedom Camping Bylaw

The council resolved that it was satisfied the proposed Freedom Camping Bylaw meets the requirements of Section 11 of the Freedom Camping Act 2011. It also adopted the Statement of Proposal and Summary of Information, enabling the public consultation process to begin.

A request to provide funding for the Responsible Camping Forum’s 2017/2018 Summer social media campaign was also agreed to.

5.4  St James Reclassification Project – Request to Add Hanmer Springs Community Board Member to Working Group

The St James Reclassification Project is a Department of Conservation proposal to review the land classification status of St James Conservation Area. The Hanmer Springs Community Board requested that a member of the Community Board be added to the working group, so that the views and interests of the Hanmer Springs Community Board are represented.

The council agreed to add a Hanmer Springs Community Board Member to the working group.

5.5  Setting a fee for Deemed Permitted Activities under the Resource Management Act 1991

The Resource Legislation Amendment Act 2017 is making a number of changes to the Resource Management Act 1991. Included in these changes is the requirement and discretion for local authorities to issue Deemed Permitted Activities. It was proposed that the council charge set fees for the processing of issuing these.

The council agreed to the proposed fees for deemed permitted activities, resolved to publicly notify these for three weeks and hear any submissions, and to make any necessary amendments before enacting the fees.

5.6  Regulatory Services Refunds Policy

The Remissions, Refunds and Waivers Policy relates to the resource and building consent functions of the council. The policy sets out when a partial or full refund of fees can be considered. The council recognises that some projects deliver benefits to the local community and/or wider district. In such circumstances the council recognises it may be appropriate to grant a refund on the actual or partial processing costs. The policy was overdue for a review and refresh as the last update to it was in 2007. It is not in the current policy format and contains outdated service references.

The reviewed and updated regulatory services refunds policy was approved by the council.

Urgent Business:

Amberley Craft Market – Request to Operate Pop Up Market

The council discussed a request from the Amberley Craft Market to use council property either beside the Amberley public toilets or at Chamberlain Park for a pop up market on Thursday 26 October 2017.  The request was declined.